Hi! I’m Lisa, welcome to my little conscious corner of the internet! I’m a thirty year old environmental scientist living in the UK.

Why Conscious Steps?

Conscious Steps is all about those little steps we can make in living a more ethical and conscious life.

We live in a world where it feels like we’ve been obsessed about stomping all over the natural environment clambering over other humans all to make money and live our ‘best lives’.

BUT I feel like we are at a turning point.

We live in a changing climate but more and more people are wanting to make decisions that have a positive impact on the environment and other people. It’s so exciting to be a part of and I want Conscious Steps to join in – to be a positive online space that explores how we can live sustainable, happy lives and leave a positive imprint on the world.

What you’ll find here

I have a postgraduate degree in Environmental Sciences and work a full-time job researching climate change and advising on the sustainable management of our natural resources. Because of this I often end up as someone my friends and family ask for advice for living sustainably. Their questions and their drive to make sustainable changes have inspired me to start Conscious Steps.

Trying to make sustainable and ethical choices often feels like dancing around a minefield, you’ve think you’ve sidestepped one poor choice only to find the alternative was no better.

Through this space I want to explore everyday questions that can help us all to navigate through life trying to make informed decisions. Decisions that don’t just benefit me but aren’t detrimental to the planet and global communities.

Of course this endeavour is self-indulgent, I have many reasons to start it:

  • I genuinely enjoy reading about the subjects that I will make a part of this blog and I wanted to explore a creative outlet for my everyday thoughts.
  • I also want to learn more. In writing blog posts I look forward to learning the answers to the questions that led me to want to write them.
  • At some point, as well, I would love to explore making this blog into my very own side-hustle. As ethically as possible, of course!
  • And most of all I would love to build a community. A community of like-minded people, who I can engage with through the posts on this blog.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoying creating it. If you do, please consider joining our Conscious Crew in the form below and please get in touch with me at hello@consciousfootsteps.com