Conscious Steps Resources

I’ve put together this page of my favourite resources that help me to live more sustainably and continue to grow.

These are all resources that I use and love personally from the most ethical retailers in the UK.

Please know that some of these links are affiliate links. I will receive a small percentage of the sales at no extra cost to you.


My absolute favourite book retailer is It’s a socially conscious alternative to Amazon that allows readers to buy books online while supporting their local independent bookseller.

While Bookshop is my favourite for physical books, is rated the most ethical ebook seller by the Ethical Consumer magazine.

Some of my favourite books in….



Personal Development

Around the House


I’m not the type to stick with one supplier if I can get the same level of service and pay less elsewhere. One thing I have always made sure of is that my supplier is providing me with 100% renewable electricity. But my current supplier might actually be the one that gets me to stay! I’m with Octopus Energy and with a smart meter installed in my house I am on their smart tariff – Agile Octopus. The tariff varies throughout the day depending on the demand on the grid. This means that if I can shift some of my energy use to a time of day that is less energy intense for the grid it’s also cheaper for me. Win, win I’d say! If you want to look at switching to Octopus Energy you’ll get £50 if you sign up using my link.

Cleaning Supplies

Dish Brush

I love these styles of dish brush… hmmm that was a lame sentence!

Still, they keep my hands dry when I’m washing up and the heads are replaceable. When they’ve come to the end of their lives you can throw them on your compost, or even keep them alive a little longer by using them in the bathroom.

Fill have a number of refillable products but I particularly love the Ginger Washing Up liquid

I live in an area with super hard water. The limescale builds up everywhere! I love to keep Citric Acid in my cleaning supplies and use it to make my own cleaning solution, descale the kettle and even in my laundry.

In the fridge

My absolute new favourite shop is the Good Club! They stock hundreds of ethical food products and sell them at bulk prices. They have also just released their zero waste products. Your delivery arrives with products in reusable containers. Empty them into your own containers and the containers will be picked up the next day. Their deliveries are carbon neutral AND your kitchen is free of unnecessary packaging! If you sign up using my link not only do we both get £15 to spend but Good Club will also donate a parcel to a local food bank.

I get a Riverford fruit and veg box every week and it’s always full of the most tasty, organic ingredients! I love that they are a certified B corp, they never airfrieght their products and all of their packaging is home compostable.

Online Life

I love my webhost, Green Geeks! The Internet is a huge polluter of the environment. They put 3 times the power they consume back into the grid in the form of renewable energy. Plus they don’t break the bank!!