How I started a climate positive blog

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while now but in true chronic procrastinator style I kept putting it off! I also questioned whether it was hypocritical of me to start a blog talking about sustainability when the internet uses such a huge amount of CO2. Not to mention the electronic devices I use to help me curate the blog.

But I want to talk a bit about why I think that when you take everything into account this blog is still climate positive.

But first…

What does ‘Climate Positive’ mean?

Being climate positive means you are removing more carbon from the atmosphere than you emit. This goes one step further than the popular ‘carbon neutral’ or ‘net zero’ approaches, which means that no more emissions are created than are removed from the atmosphere.

Organisations such as WWF have committed to helping companies define what it means for them to become climate positive and help to build a framework for them to reach it.

How is Conscious Footsteps climate positive?

Climate positive web hosting

When I was starting Conscious Steps I was very aware that the internet is fast becoming one of the most heavily emitting industries so I wanted to look for an option to host my blog in the most conscious way possible. Well I had to live up to the name!

I eventually settled on GreenGeeks. GreenGeeks replaces 3 times the energy that is used to power Conscious Steps in the form of renewable energy. By the very definition I’d say that’s a Climate Positive blog.

I’ve had a great experience with setting up this blog using GreekGeeks hosting. It’s great value for money and has been so easy for me to do. I’d highly recommend checking out their hosting options if you’re thinking of starting your own blog or launching a website.

Anything else?

Even though most of the definitions of ‘climate positive’ follow the general rule that negative emissions are inferred I still think that there are other things that we can do as individuals to be climate positive.

Building a more sustainable life

While it is not always possible for us to generate our own renewable energy we can adopt more sustainable and ethical habits that promote climate positivity. When I first set up Conscious Footsteps I wanted to make it a venue for sharing tips for living a more sustainable life. This blog will continue with this at the heart of what we do and I hope that we can start to build our own Conscious Steps community of like-minded people.

Powered with renewables

Although my house doesn’t host a suite of solar panels or a new, renewable heating system I do purchase my energy through Octopus Energy. Octopus make sure that for every electron that they supply from the grid, they invest in the generation of another ‘green’ electron to take its place. The renewable Energy Association gave them their award for ‘the company that’s done the most to advance UK renewables’.

Not only is Octopus investing in renewable energy they are also investing in innovative technology to form the building blocks of a smarter grid. They have launched smart tariffs such as Agile Octopus that encourages customers (like me) to defer their use of electricity to outside of peak times, which reduces the demand on carbon-intensive energy systems.

No new tech

Conscious Steps is created using ageing technology, just how we like it! Brand new technology is resource intensive to manufacture and so has a huge carbon footprint. I’m writing this blog post on a laptop that is approaching 11 years old and until it gives me a reason to give up on it and sell it for parts, that won’t change. When I do need to purchase anything to keep the blog going I will always try to make secondhand purchases to limit our impact on the environment.

That’s my overview of why I believe Conscious Steps is a climate positive blog. What do you think? Get in touch and let me know.

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