Positive News

Welcome to our positive environmental news series!!

The natural world is facing many challenges but it isn’t all doom and gloom. Research shows that optimistic news stories can help to motivate and engage people.

I hope that by celebrating positive environmental news stories we can ignite hope and inspire each other to make positive changes.

My aim with this series is to:

  • Share optimistic but realistic news stories
  • Share tools and ideas to help us all do better
  • Fight negativity and burnout
  • Amplify diverse voices and experiences
  • Build an inclusive, global community
  • Explore different disciplines and sectors

I’ve started this series with a post on 5 Reasons to be positive about the climate in 2021.

At the end of every month I will share a round up of the my favourite positive news stories from around the world. Please get in touch with any inspiring, positive stories you would like to see included in this list!

At the end of January we celebrated the heap of executive orders signed by Joe Biden in his first weeks in office, looked into the responses of the biggest public opinion survey on climate change to date and marvelled at the nine year old in the UK who is making a difference by rallying the British public against plastic waste exports!

In February we celebrated the news that Jaguar’s Land Rover range will be 100% electric by 2030, That there may be another tool added to the UK’s renewable energy arsenal and the power of community during a challenging extreme weather event.

March came and went very quickly! We celebrated conservation success for two species and hope on the horizon for more efficient and environmentally friendly jet fuel.

In April we saw rising global ambitions for the UK and the US as well as an innovative renewable power installation in Spain.

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